Edward Rogers
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The sunny and poppy "Looking For Stone Angels" is the most compelling Britpop tune released in this millennium, while ferocious ripper "Olde House On The Hill" gives us a pretty good sense of what Roxy Music might have sounded like in 2016.
The Village Voice

Rogers' latest album, Glass Marbles, is an epic nineteen-track masterpiece: it's his Sandinista, or Blonde on Blonde, or Here Come the Miracles.
New York Music Daily

...as much as he reminds me of  (Kevin) Ayers, there is also plenty of Ray Davies and perhaps a bit of Bill Fay. Basically, Rogers' songwriting skills are easily and fairly compared to these fine songwriters. I always make room in my day for thoughtful intelligent music and this goes on that list with a bullet.
DC Rock Live

His latest effort Glass Marbles follows a similar approach as his 2014 album Kaye, with a mix of theatrical tunes delivered in a voice reminiscent of David Bowie, and full-throttled rock songs.
Broken Hearted Toy

Pop-rock classicism.
The Vinyl District

Capable of triggering Byrdsian pop shivers...Supple and charmingly melancholy.
Stereo Embers Magazine

Rogers works a gently acidic folk rock groove...A worthy addition to his catalog.
Blurt Magazine

He's the perfect singer/songwriter, the ideal personification of Brit Rock superiority. (Glass Marbles)...a sumptuous treat from start to finish.
Elmore Magazine
As Edward Rogers continues on his journey, his wisdom and experience combine to create music with integrity. May his work become a standard in everyone's collection.
The Big Takeover

Glass Marbles...Edward Rogers' eclectic and poetic new album.
Elmore Magazine

Splendid gathering of material...there is a LOT for you to marvel in...
So let’s make this easy:  buy a copy of Glass Marbles, sit down and slowly devour and digest it.  You’ll be filled and satisfied afterward – that’s not a smart-assed statement, it’s a prediction of outcome.
This album is a success on a variety of different levels. The songs are smart and reflective Although we don't get the impression this guy is really trying to sound like anyone, while spinning these tracks we're reminded of a variety of artists including Dave Davies, Mott The Hoople, The Television Personalities, and David Bowie. You get over 70 minutes' worth of music here...and it all sounds great. Our favorite cuts include "The World of Mystery," "Bright Star," "Fade Away," and "Glass Marbles." Recommended. Top pick.
Don Seven/Babysue.com
Singer/songwriter Edward Rogers offers a neat array of eighteen tuneful and thoughtful songs that combine smart lyrics and shimmering dulcet melodies with often touching and enthralling results. Rogers' raspy, yet reassuring voice and sharp knack for mature introspective songwriting make for a strong and impressive double whammy. Whether he's addressing the hapless plight of your average nine-to-five wage slave (the wonderfully rueful "Welcome to My Monday Morning") or coming to terms with a failed relationship (the extremely moving "Broken Wishes on Display"), Rogers brings a certain resigned, yet resilient and reflective humanity to each and every song that proves to be both affecting and engaging in equal measure. A lovely album.
Joe Wawrzyniak/Jerseybeat.com
From New York comes the latest album from UK-born singer/songwriter Edward Rogers titled "Glass Marbles." Beginning with "The World Of Mystery," you get a sense that this album has a special quality to it as Rogers portrays a mature folk/rock sound. His storytelling lyrics are so descriptive as in "Welcome To My Monday Morning" that he paints the perfect picture in your mind of what he is singing about. This release is filled to brim with many different genres as Rogers's wonderful songwriting becomes the main focus of the album.
Jim Pasinski/jpsmusicblog.blogspot.com