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If you like your rock literate, with a knowing glance to the past mixed with a modern lyrical perspective, Edward Rogers' new album "Kaye" is for you. It reminds me of Ray Davies recent solo work (which is excellent by the way) plus the greatly missed NYC Man, Lou Reed. 'Street Fasion is like a lost Roxy Music outtake. 'Whatever Hapend To The News Today' is a zeitgeist of the times and a companion piece to Jarvis Cocker's 'Running The World'. (Kevin) Ayers would surely approve of the perspective and memorable melody that the song "Kaye" provides the listener.  

With Kaye, Edward Rogers firmly places himself in the canon of solo artists who consistently persevere beyond the boundaries of fads, like early Lou Reed, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and John Cale. May he continue on this path with equal fervor.
-The Big Takeover

Kaye (Kevin AYErs) was created precisely as a tribute to the wayward artist. Rogers does a good job capturing Ayers’ subject matters, blends of innocence and worldliness – I was particularly impressed by the mellifluous Worry for the WorldBorrowed & Blue is a great folk opus with harmony vocals and would sit quite well further back in Kevin’s old timeframe, at home with Pentangle, Roy Harper, and madrigalian rockers. I’m quite sure that Kevin would have, had he not passed last year, relished the collection.  
Five albums into his solo career and English-born, New York-bred Edward Rogers delivers a grand slam of a release with this offering, Kaye.  Dedicated to the late, great Kevin Ayers (of Soft Machine fame), and filled with intense, image-laden and melodic songs – this is as good as an album can get. It isn’t often that a musician can bring a “complete” work to realization – Edward Rogers has unquestionably done so with Kaye.  A must.  
Kaye is an album that plays Kevin Ayers and the band Soft Machine throughout the album but with a nicely done style from Rogers himself. Edward Rogers needs to be proud of this project; it has a superb message throughout, and brings out Ayers when time called on it. In doing this review, I felt at times I was doing two reviews, one on Edward Rogers with the other on Kevin Ayers. For this writer, it was interesting looking at both sides of the coin, both artists contributing almost equally. Edward did an outstanding job with this project, and gave credit and homage where it was due. Kevin would be very proud of Edward. 
-High Note Reviews/tumblr.com
Veteran rocker Edward Rogers was inspired by legendary British singer/songwriter Kevin Ayers, a founding member of psychedelic pioneers The Soft Machine, when putting together fifth solo effort “Kaye.” It’s a compelling album made up of 11 original tunes and a cover of Ayers’ “After the Show.” “Kaye” ranks among his best work to date, with standouts that include “No Color for Loneliness,” the aforementioned “After the Show” cover, the title track, “What Happened to the News Today” and “Fear of the Unknown.”  
-Pittsburgh In Tune
The fact that "Kaye" was created over a mere three days only adds to the sense of wonderment this impressive album holds and for Edward Rogers, a man who is every bit as good a vocalist as he is a lyricist, it would be understandable if he was then a little bit proud of his latest solo release. The beautiful "Kaye" is due to be released in July and one can't help but to get the impression that this is one of those fine albums that will be making an appearance on more then a few "Best of 2014" lists!
-Heavy Metal Time Machine
Kaye…a 12-song triumph directly inspired by – and dedicated to – the late great Kevin Ayers. “Fears Of The Unknown” could easily slip onto Mastro’s boss’s (Ian Hunter) playlist while “Copper Coin” might well be the missing song from Colin Blunstone’s solo repertoire both displaying, as does the record entire, an uncommonly deft ability to wrap the whimsy of imagination around the complicated mess of the human experience. 
-Caught In The Carousel

His latest release KAYE is a collection of love songs and compelling tales, delivered in a resonant vocal style reminiscent of David Bowie at times.
 -Broken Hearted Toy