Edward Rogers
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"Catch A Cloud
Catch A Cloud shows a more reflective side to the British-born, NYC-based singer-songwriter. With a lyrics and vocal style blending Ian Hunter and Ray Davies with music bringing shades of 60s psychedelia, these are 11 heartfelt songs of love, life and loss. An accomplished and fearless album. 
-The Strange Brew

There is beauty in the album's journey and you can marvel at the construction of the songs. You won't hear another album like this all year and that in itself is acknowledgement of how  good it is.
-I  Don't Hear A Single
A wide-ranging and adventuresome listen; the probing opener "Imaginary Man," sweet-tempered "Button Box" and electro dream pop track "This Bird Has Flown" are among early high marks on the album. The wide range of ideas and observations Rogers fused into his track list continues via the lovely "Catch A Cloud," jazzy foray "Hayley" and disc-ending dark rocker "The Head of the Nail.”
-Rock ‘n’ Roll Truth
Catch A Cloud is a great set of thoroughly appealing sounds and original thought. Edward using his voice adeptly to endow his songs with real character and charisma, with a good eye for detail in his lyrics too. This is given the ideal musical setting by a clutch of cracking players and a fine production job, resulting in a deep and thoughtful record made by someone who has obviously lived through some dark times, but came out the other end still kicking back and wiser for the experience.
-Louder Than War
“Catch A Cloud” opens with the haunting “Imaginary Man,” which instantly lures listeners in this collection, and it is followed by the melodically-stunning acoustic “What Happened to Us,” and the crisp “Button Box,” which showcases Rogers’ strong storytelling abilities.
-Digital Journal

Rogers applies his Anglo attitude to his latest opus, Catch A Cloud, an effort that's both dense and dreamy by deliberate degrees...a major milestone in Rogers career, a fully realized combination of sound, sentiment and surrealism.
-Goldmine Magazine

Catch A Cloud is poetic, intimate and resonant.
-N.J. Arts